Theros Prerelease Events – Sept 21st + 22nd

Hello fellow Planeswalkers! As you well know, Magic: the Gathering’s next big set and block is Theros! This 249 card set will be full of Greco-Roman themed spells and creatures. The set officially goes on sale September 27th. But! You will be able to get your hands on this fantastic new set an entire week ahead of time by participating in any of the FIVE events!

A special thing we are doing for this Pre-release, for each consecutive event you participate in for that weekend, we knock $2.00 off your entry. So that means if you do ALL five events, your 5th event will be just $17.00!

Each event is a “Sealed” event, this means you will receive SIX Theros Booster packs (15-cards to a booster) and will be given 50 minutes to construct a 40-card deck with just those cards and land that will be provided by Friendly Fire. Then you will play in a 4 round swiss tournament, no one is eliminated, you play all 4 rounds. If you win at least half of your matches you will receive prizing in the form of Theros boosters, store credit, or accessories, it’s your choice!

We have 5 events planned, 4 Theros Sealed Events, and 1 Theros Double Headed Giant Sealed Event! Here is the schedule:

Saturday, September 21st
MIDNIGHT (after Friday Night Magic) – Sealed Event $25
12:30pm – Sealed Event $25
6:30pm – Sealed Event $25
Sunday, September 22nd
12:30pm – Double Headed Giant Sealed Event $25
6:30pm – Sealed Event $25

Each event can only have a maximum of 40 players!
This will be strictly enforced! No exceptions!
It is in your best interest to sign up ASAP!

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