The end of an era.

Hello Friends,
It is with heavy heart that we are informing you, that as of September 26th, the day after the Magic: the Gathering Kaladesh prerelease weekend, Friendly Fire Game Center will be closing it’s doors.
This was a difficult decision made by the managing partners, Dan and Jake. Our store lease was coming to an end and we saw this as an opportunity to end this era on a high note.
Jake and Dan are each following different career paths and entering new stages of their lives. Balancing home and the shop had become increasingly difficult as time moved on.
Thank you, to everyone that have come through our doors and have touched our lives over the past 8 years. We do plan on continuing to be involved with the gaming community in large.
This has been some of the best years of our lives. We hope many of you, in the coming weeks, can make it down to share a story and a laugh with us.
Thank you