Introducing Magic Store Champions

Hello friends! I write to you today of heavy heart. Magic Points are dead. A moment of remembrance for the much loved promotion. … Done yet? Good! ‘Cause we’ve got something entirely different for you.


Introducing Store Champions! Sounds pretty epic, huh? Well it is. Starting with the current Magic set, Oath of the Gatewatch, players will collect one of 6 equipment cards or a re-roll card after each event. Once a player has collected all 6 unique equipment they earn the title of Store Champion and are awarded a Fat Pack of the next set, on it’s release!

Just one more way of giving you Value!

For the particulars read below.

At the end of an event a player may roll a d10 to receive a card based on the number rolled. Reference sheet with numbers on it.

Players can turn in a Reroll card plus an equipment to roll a d6 to receive another, or in some cases the same, random equipment.

At 4 unique pieces, players may instead choose to exchange a Reroll card and a single piece of equipment for another select piece of equipment.

To prevent players trading cards, players sign the back of the card they receive.

Once a player has a full set of equipment they can turn it in which case a store clerk marks the back of each card to indicate that they have been redeemed. Players may keep the physical cards.

The store clerk enters the player’s name into the Hall of Champions spreadsheet that will become a wall display during the Prerelease of the next set. And players can pick up their earned Fat Packs on release weekend of the next set.