Introducing Ironman Full-Ante Magic

Hello fellow planeswalkers. Today, I bring to you one of the most ballsy formats of Magic to date. I give you the Ironman Full-Ante constructed format.

Many of you may have heard the whispers of an old format from the Dark Ages of Magic when it was just getting off the ground, in terms of popularity and developed play network, in which players would destroy their own Magic cards when they were destroyed. This format is Ironman Magic.


Think Chaos Orb but on a massive scale. Cards were being ripped up left and right. Dual lands, Moxes, you name it, it has fallen victim to this barbaric practice at some point. Once players were aware that they were ripping up currency the practice pretty much all but stopped to exist.

Enter Ante. In Ante, players will shuffle their decks then remove the top X number of cards from their deck and that would be the stakes of the current game being played. The winner of the game would collect all Anted cards.

Ante has been around since the game’s inception, rarely utilized in today’s Magic community. Certain cards even encouraged the use of Ante. The original idea was that cards would exchange hands like Pogs in the early 90s. But, once again when player’s began realizing that they were basically betting real currency by playing with Ante rules, the practice had all but stopped in almost all play groups.

So, let’s take a look at both of these practices. Pretty ballsy, if you ask me. You better be confident you are going to win if you don’t want to cry yourself to sleep tonight because you lost your third Shivan Dragon.

I propose we take these two formats and mash them together to the extreme.

Ironman is pretty brutal. But let’s take it to the next level. What if you were forced to rip up your cards every time they hit the graveyard from anywhere? Or, likewise to include the exile zone as well, Oblivion┬áRing anyone? This would be ultra brutal. Every time you cast a non-permanent spell, you are casting it for the last time. Imagine the rude effect of Traumatize on your opponent.

Ante is a way to raise the stakes in what is usually just a friendly match. Well let’s go ahead and just crank this to 11. Both player’s decks are the Ante, the entire decks. Well, obviously we are going to need to play with our cards so we won’t be removing these cards from the game to start off here, otherwise both players would be short one whole deck. Whoever wins the game wins the opponent’s deck, the entire deck, or what’s left of it.

Now imagine playing in an elimination event in which every time you win another player’s deck you add that deck to your available pool of cards to play with for the event.

I give you Ironman Full-Ante Magic. Ballsy as !@$#.

Coming to a Friendly Fire near you. Feel free to submit your thoughts to our Facebook group.